How to check a quiz correct answer and explanation

You can easily check your quiz scores. Here is how.

Video transcript

Once you complete a quiz, you’ll see a results page from which you can easily review any question. To check the correct answers and explanations, click on “view questions.”

Once you complete the quiz, you’ll see a results page from which you can quickly review your answers and check our explanations.
To do so, please click on the “view questions” button. To move to the next lesson, click on “to continue.” To repeat the quiz, click on restart the quiz link.
If you repeat a quiz, the new and old results are saved in our system.
You can compare your quiz results by accessing stats on the home page of your Onsego account.
Click on the small arrow next to the quiz’s name, then click on “statistics”, and all questions and your answers are shown here.
Keep in mind that when you repeat quizzes, your progress stays the same. Only when you take a new content your progress bar moves forward.

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