How to save your progress

Your progress is saved automatically. You don’t need to do anything. Every time you watch a video and take a quiz or practice test, your progress is registered.

Each time you watch a lesson or take a quiz, our system saves your activity, and the progress bar moves forward.

The progress from all modules is then added together and displayed in the course progress bar.

Sometimes, students ask if they can repeat quizzes and if they get extra points for them. You can repeat quizzes and lessons as many times as you want, but you don't get extra points for repeating the content. It's because our system sees lessons and quizzes as steps.

Every lesson, and every quiz, is a separate step. You move forward by taking another step until you reach the end.

If you repeat the step, the progress bar stays in the same position. However, you shouldn't worry about it; learning for the GED test is not a sprint; it takes what it takes. If repeating a quiz multiple times helps you, just go for it.

Every time you take a quiz, the result is saved in our system. You can compare your previous and repeated quiz results on the front page.

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