How can I check my previous quiz scores?

Every time you take a quiz, the result is saved in our system. You can compare your previous and repeated quiz results on the Quiz Statistics page.

This page is accessible from the "Helpful Tools" menu item. 

Here you can see all your courses and associated quizzes. To choose a quiz, click on the green arrow to the right.

When you do that, you will see a list of taken quizzes.

If you don't see a particular quiz or practice test, please use the pagination arrows at the bottom of the page that shows all quizzes. 

When you find the quiz you are looking for, click the icon that looks like a page in the Statistics column, and you will see your answers. 

The page that contains your answers has the correct and incorrect columns. Digit 1 in the column "Correct" indicates that you chose the correct answer; similarly, digit 1 on the "incorrect" column means that you chose the incorrect answer.

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