What to do if I don't understand a lesson

Sometimes, students feel that they don't "get" a lesson, and they feel stuck. If it happens to you, don't worry about it. Everyone gets this feeling from time to time; it’s normal. Our advice is to skip this lesson. 

The biggest mistake people make is spending too much time trying to understand something difficult for them. This is a recipe for failure. Don’t fall into this trap.

Instead, mark the lessons you don’t “get” in your notepad and move on. Choose a different lesson or even a different module. You don’t need to take all lessons in the way they are presented. Feel free to “jump” around and find studies that are easy to follow.

If you don’t understand some concepts, that’s fine. You are still going to pass the exam. The idea here is to focus on things that will help you pass the exam easily. Get all low-hanging fruits, and get these easy questions so you get enough points to pass the exam.

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