Learning Disabilities and the GED Test

Students who have learning disabilities may qualify for GED® test accommodations. Accommodations are adjustments to the form of the test, special resources provided during the exam, or changes to the testing procedures. You can apply for these accommodations through the GED.com website. Here is a direct link:


You can also contact GED Testing Service at: accommodations@ged.com

How Onsego helps

All Onsego lessons are published in 2 forms

  • as videos, so you also have audio versions of all content
  • as texts

Quizzes and practice tests are in text form, but you can install one of the following Chrome extensions to get audio versions of all quiz questions:

In that way, the practice test questions will be read to you.

Notice: Onsego is committed to exceptional online GED course offerings. We present the information here to aid your preparation journey. However, confirming these details with official sources is crucial for accuracy.

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