How to get my GED?

Getting a GED is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps.

1. Start with GED prep - find a course that is accredited and designed to prepare you for the GED tests quickly. Obviously, we recommend Onsego. You can read about our prep here:

2. When you complete at least one subject prep, take the related practice tests to confirm your readiness. Onsego courses have a lot of quizzes, and every subject has at least 10 practice tests. 

3. Take the GED Ready official practice test. It costs $6.99 per subject. If you are an Onsego student, you get 4 GED Ready vouchers for free (a $28 value). 

4. When your practice tests indicate that you are likely to pass, you can schedule your test at There, you can choose to take your tests at a testing center or at home, the online proctored test. You can read about this format of the GED test here:

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