I want to skip some lessons

Yes, you can skip lessons and modules. 

With Onsego, you can adapt and personalize the GED prep to fit your needs. Our course allows you to bypass lessons that you already know.

You can quickly check what lessons you can omit by taking quizzes called "Can I Skip It?" Most modules have one or more of these quizzes. Take them and follow the suggestions on the result page. 

You can also take practice tests: https://app.onsego.com/practice-tests/

If you get a "Likely to pass" score, it means you are ready to take the GED Test for this particular subject.  If you don't get this score, check a "strong and weak areas" report to identify modules you need to work on.

Keep in mind that if you want to take the GED test online, the GED Test requires that you pass the GED Ready -official practice test first.

You can download vouchers for taking this test from your Onsego account. 

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