Where are my notes?

When you make a note related to a specific lesson, you can find it back in 3 locations:

  1. in the sidebar of this lesson
  2. on the page "My Notes"
  3. on the page of the course

1. In the sidebar of the lesson

Keep in mind that the notes related to one lesson are NOT available in other lessons. For example, if you make a note about "Commas," you can NOT see this note in the lesson about "Adverbs."

But if you go to the My Notes page and to the "Commas" lesson, your note will be there.

2. On the My Notes page

You can access the My Notes page from the menu item: Helpful Tools. 

This page includes all your notes. To see the details, click on the title of the note related to a lesson and scroll down below the list of notes to read the content.

On the course page

You will also find a link to your notes on the course's main page.

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