How to contact HiSET support

You can contact HiSET® Customer Support at the following toll-free phone number: 855-694-4738 – available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm ET.

For test-day issues, you can call 1-800-257-5123 option 4.

Their email:

if you are looking for your HiSET certificate, you need to use this page to find your diploma on the page:

Onsego (so this website) has NO access to your HiSET scores, and we can't help you schedule your test.

Onsego offers online prep classes.

Disclaimer: At Onsego, our priority is to offer a comprehensive online GED and HiSET prep course. While we strive to provide helpful information, accuracy is essential, and we advise checking with official sources to confirm the details provided on this page.

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