How to download my free GED Ready vouchers

If you are an Onsego student who purchased the Advantage plan, you are eligible to download free GED Ready vouchers.

Onsego's My Advantage plan includes 4 GED Ready® vouchers. You can download these vouchers from the “Home page” after logging in to your Onsego account. 

  • Your Onsego dashboard
  • To do so, click on “GED Ready Vouchers” and choose the “Get Voucher #1” tab. 
  • Here you can click on the link “Click here to order your voucher.” 
  • This page explains how to get your free voucher
  • You will be redirected to the checkout page, where you can “buy” a free voucher. 
  • To complete an order, check “I accept terms and conditions” and click on the “Place Order” button.

    This is a checkout page but you pay $0
  •  Your code will be displayed on the order summary page, and you will also receive an email with this code.

Keep in mind that you can order 1 voucher code at a time. You can order the next one 3 days later by clicking on the “Order Voucher #2”, etc. To check your previously ordered voucher codes, click on “My Previous Orders.”

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